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CA Shivam Kansal

CA Shivam Kansal

  • B.Com., ACA
  • M. No. 575541
  • Assistant Manager – Audit, Income Tax & GST
  • E-mail: shivam.kansal@gkkedia.com

Background & Experience

He qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 2023 and has since gained extensive experience in various areas of taxation, including both direct and indirect taxes, and audit. He has a proven track record in providing advisory services and ensuring compliance with numerous statutory provisions under the Income Tax Act, TDS regulations and GST laws. Additionally, he is adept at drafting and submitting responses to various notices issued under the Income Tax Act, such as those for scrutiny assessments under section 143(3), reassessment proceedings under section 147, and notices related to TDS non-compliance, as well as those issued under the GST Act.

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