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Investing in India | Guide for Foreign Nationals & NRIs

With the invent of Covid-19 Corona Virus, everything in the world is bound to change. The way businesses are being operated will also change. In the changed scenario, India is going to be hub for Multinational Companies. It is forecasted that the Multinational Companies will shift from China to other Countries. India is biggest contender to provide platform to Multinational Companies due to following reasons:

  • Successful command and ways, Corona Virus is being tackled in India. World is having faith in Indian Government.
  • Law and order situation in India is one of the best in world. Every person wants to do business in peace.
  • Low Income Tax Rate: With the advent of 15% Income Tax rate, India is providing best corporate practices in the world. All Multinational Companies want to avail this benefit.
  • Rationalisation of Income Tax Act and other Acts: Dividend distribution Tax has been removed and further every Acts in India are being rationalized in favour of best corporate practices.
  • Single window permission for licenses.
  • Assurance for the continuity and long lasting of Laws in India.
  • Stability of Government with single party majority in Indian Government, world is having more faith in the Government of India.

Thus, in the coming time, India will offer a very good platform to Multinational Companies to establish their businesses and Industries in India. In such a scenario, Professional work will increase tremendously and only those CA Firms who will be at the fore front will grab the work. We offer a host of services to such Multinational Companies for investment in India. We offer a single window from where Multinational Companies will get all their requirements, be it incorporation of company, establishing factory, pricing of goods, dispatch to customers and that too, at a very competitive cost.
We provide all the Start-ups Services, Fixed Assets Acquisition related Services, HR Related Services, Operational Services to Growth Services. Thus, in fact, we will provide ‘Turn Key’ Services to each Multinational Companies.

  • Starting Up Services
    • Incorporation of Company in India
    • Business Address usance (Virtual Office)
    • Director Services
    • Obtaining all the required Licences & permissions
    • Setting up Policies & Procedures
    • India Entry Services
  • Fixed Assets Acquisition related Services
    • Purchase of Land
    • Construction of Building
    • Purchase of Other Fixed Assets
  • Human Resources related Services
    • Hiring of Man Power
    • Payroll Services
    • HR Services
  • Operational Services
    • Book Keeping & Accountancy Services
    • GST Compliances
    • TDS Compliances
    • Preparation and Filing of Income Tax Return
    • Company Law (ROC) Compliances
  • Growth Services
    • Concept Planning and Testing
    • Identifying possible growth opportunities
    • Pricing
    • Cash flow analysis
    • Conduct financial and risk analysis
    • Audit support and preparation
    • Financial forecasting
    • Budget creation

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