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  • We are a vibrant Firm of Chartered Accountants with the objective of creating a single window for the entire array of financial services.
  • Mr. Kedia always believes that “If not we, then who?” on the same path, our Firm is follow the pattern and provide excellence in each step of work as delegated.
  • We are a premier Accounting Firm offering best professional services in the areas of Accounting, Auditing, Income Tax, Goods & Services Tax, Company Law, Foreign Exchange Management Act, Import and Export, Start-up Services, NGO related Services, International Taxation, Transfer Pricing, Financial Services, etc.
  • Engaging the hearts and minds of co-workers, and making our Firm a great place to work is a continuous journey that improves every year.
  • Team of G. K. Kedia & Co., staffing champion the culture, enliven it, and enjoy a culture where their personal and professional values are congruent and aligned.
  • we do conduct seminars, trainings and other learning sessions for our staff and articles, so that they can learn and serve more efficiently to our Clients.
  • We update ourselves with all the updated versions of books and periodicals. We spent a large amount of money on purchasing of books and softwares, so our staff get best and vast knowledge in every subject.


  • We believe integrity is the quintessential value that is the engine behind getting things done in the organization. It is the collective version of individual integrity where “I will do what I say I will do” becomes “We will do what we say we will do.”
  • We have a strong trust over three words—Follow Through, Get Real, and Speak Up—comprise this notion of Firm Integrity.
  • We do work with great honesty while working for a client, for our own staff. Our Firm always believe in “honesty is the best policy” which easily can be reflected in our work.
  • The most important aspect of transparency in our Firm is that it helps to build interpersonal trust, something which is absolutely essential in our Firm for getting people to share and collaborate with each other.
  • When it comes to building solid workplace relationships, trust takes centre stage. Our Firm is able to create a strong sense of trust in the workplace is better able to weather the storms throw up by the competition and have a clearer vision of what the company stands for.
  • There is always a one chance for lifetime impression which in turns enhance the goodwill of the Firm.
  • In our Firm there is always a consistency between words and actions, we do what we preach.
  • We believe on the idea of Accuracy in the work which is the vital part of our services.
  • We strictly follow our code of conducts which creates consistency in our reports and work behaviour.


  • Professional integrity and independence is an essential characteristic of all the professions but is more so in the case of accountancy profession.
  • Our Firm’s independence is a cornerstone of our respective profession and the basic principle that underpins the reputation of the auditing profession in the public eye.
  • Independence of the auditor has not only to exist in fact, but also appear so exist to all reasonable persons. On the same line, the relationship between us and our client is same, firstly, we ourselves satisfy about our independence then to go for client.
  • We feel that there are adequate ethics provided in the Companies Act, 2013 as well as in the Chartered Accountants Act, 1949. We follow the same path to walk over it.
  • Personnel in the Firm are to adhere to the principles of Independence, Integrity, Objectivity, Confidentiality and Professional Behaviours.
  • Our Firm has staffed by personnel who have attained and maintained the Technical Standards and Professional Competence required to enable them to fulfil their responsibilities with Due Care.
  • Whenever necessary, we provide consultation within or outside the Firm with those who have appropriate expertise in that particular area.
  • We keep focus on continued adequacy and operational effectiveness of quality control policies and procedures.
  • We are of the view that independence, being a state of the mind, is not necessarily affected by the fact of mere relationship.

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