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Documents Required for Income Tax Return

Written by gkkedia Dt. November 29th, 2019

The Income Tax Return Filing is the process of declaring the total income of a person defines under sub clause (31) of clause 2 of Income Tax Act 1961, to the Income Tax Department of India, at the end of each financial year.

There are 5 heads of Income i.e. Income from Salary, Other Sources, House property and Capital gain, profits from business or profession. The detail of these incomes has to be furnished in the prescribed form to the Government of India. An Individual can file his Income Tax Return by himself or can approach any good Chartered Accountant Firm for filing his return. There are many Income Tax Consultants & Chartered Accountants in Delhi for filing of Income Tax Return.

List of Documents required for filing of return of income is as follows:

  • Permanent Information including name, PAN, Address, residential Address , E-mail Address or any other information as may be prescribed.
  • Details of Bank Accounts containing Bank Name & Account Number, Account type & IFSC Code
  • Copy of Aadhaar Card
  • Form 26AS: The form is available for download from the TRACES website. Taxpayers can log into the e-filing portal and download the form 26AS
  • Tax savings Investment Documents as specified in the Income Tax Act 1961 for example u/s 801C, 80D etc.
  • Interest certificates from banks and post office
  • Form 16/Form 16A/Form 16B
  • Salary slips is required for filing of ITR 2 because it contains the nature of salary income such as basic, dearness allowance, house rent allowance, etc
  • Housing Loan Interest certificate (if any)
  • Share transaction Details (if any)
  • Sale deed & purchase deed of property required for ITR (if there any capital gain)
  • The details of the investment along with the PAN of the company have to be submitted such as: opening Balance including shares transferred or acquired during the year
  • Details of foreign Assets (if any)
  • Schedule AL Asset and Liability at the end of the year (other than those included in Part A- BS) (applicable in a case where total income exceeds Rs.50 lakh)
    • Details of Immovable Asset
    • Details of movable Asset Jewellery, bullion etc. Archaeological collections, drawings, painting, Vehicles, yachts, boats and aircrafts sculpture or any work of art Financial asset
    • Interest held in the assets of a firm or association of persons (AOP) as a partner or member thereof
    • Liability in relation to Assets.

These are the additional details which is required for filing of ITR of Company
Details of Assets and liabilities as at the end of the year including

  • Details of building or land appurtenant there to, or both, being a residential house
  • Details of land or building or both not being in the nature of residential house
  • Details of listed equity shares
  • Details of unlisted equity shares
  • Details of other securities
  • Details of capital contribution to other entity
  • Details of Loans & Advances to any other concern (If money lending is not assessee’s substantial business )
  • Details of motor vehicle, aircraft, yacht or other mode of transport
  • Details of Jewellery, archaeological collections, drawings, paintings, sculptures, any work of art or bullion
  • Details of liabilities
  • Details of shareholding at the end of the previous year including date of allotment , Face value of Shares or issue price etc

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