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Written by gkkedia Dt. December 12th, 2019

The Indian Taxation system has undergone several reforms, provocative business throughout the country and internationally. Presiding over the tax complexity to escalate the value of the business is one of the fundamental considerations of major business decisions. Tax services by professionals are required by organizations due to the constant changes in the tax and regulatory environment. Getting clear & correct advice from an experienced income tax consultant in Delhi helps navigate through this complicated subject. We, at G.K. Kedia and Co. provide expert, effective and precise solutions and guidance addressing both domestic and international tax issues.
Our Taxation vertical offers a wide range of expert innovative services in domestic taxation (direct & indirect) and international taxation that aim at value creation following the best business practices. Our team of expert professionals interacts with clients to evolve tax efficient solutions, while at the same time recognizing that compliance & risk mitigation is a key parameter in any planning.
Often attributed to Ben Franklin is this famous quote:”Nothing is certain except for death and taxes.” Many people find tax issues to be confusing and onerous, and, rather than doing their own taxes, they often prefer to hire a professional. Tax payers who have significant assets or complex personal finances, may opt to work with a tax consultant, who can leverage her in-depth knowledge and experience to reduce her clients’ tax liabilities and protect their interests.

What Is Tax Consultancy?
For many people, the process of filing an income tax return is daunting. Tax laws change frequently, and many individuals and business owners are simply unaware of the myriad of rules that govern deductions, credits and reportable income. As a result, the average taxpayer may make mistakes that can result in the underpayment or over payment of taxes. If the taxpayer underpays his taxes, he may be subject to a tax audit, with possible penalties. If the taxpayer overpays his taxes, he loses money that’s rightfully his.
A tax consultancy is a business that provides expert advice to tax filers. A good tax consultant understands tax laws, and is able to advise strategies that minimize obligations while also reducing the chance of an audit that could lead to a conflict with the tax or with a state tax agency. In addition, tax consultants in Delhi can prepare tax returns and other documents on behalf of their clients.

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