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Top Reasons for Hiring Import Export Consultant in India

Written by gkkedia Dt. July 17th, 2021

Import – Export is one of the most lucrative businesses besides being a gateway to successfully maximizing your profits and entering the foreign market in no time.

You can get easy money by exporting your products rather than manufacturing the same and selling them domestically at a low price. But to ensure that all the processes are done perfectly from start to end, dealing with the government process is not an easy task, documentation/ compliance for supply of goods services to foreign markets, you need to hire an Import Export Consultant in India. This Import Export Consultant ensures proper documentation and permissions before starting the business.

Starting a new business in the international trade requires a challenging process which is to be fulfilled by any individual, company or a firm to start importing and exporting the products to foreign market or bringing material to their own country.

Detailed reasons for hiring Import-Export Consultant is provided as follows:

Government Process- It is pretty challenging to deal with the government when it comes to getting the documents ready to supply goods and services to the foreign market. Therefore, Import Export Consultant as professional will ensure proper documentation and permissions before starting the business.

Bank- The experts are likely to offer you proper guidance to receive duties and taxes and will also help you obtaining letter of credit thereby guarantying the payment for the goods supplied abroad.

Custom Broker- Their primary responsibility is to deal with the government customs services and to ensure that the duty fees, a notice of permission, and approval are all done not only on proper time but also in a smooth manner.

Export- Import Documentation- It is essential to have an expert as they will help you get all the documentation related to import and export-ready, including import-export license, letter of credit, Pro-forma invoice, EEI, bill of lading, certificate of origin, etc.

Additionally, experts say that selling a product in a foreign market is a lucrative business to earn not only huge profits but also timely payment, but at the same time, it is a quite challenging and complex process that needs proper assistance to help clients get all their documentation, tariffs, insurance, shipments, etc. these experts also have access to valuable partnerships to make exporting and importing businesses happen, and it also includes logistics companies, freight, and other transportation options, warehousing, etc. which helps you save more time and helps you maintain a good relationship with your partners. Hence, choosing a perfect consultant can focus on your core business, which will help you save time with audits and outsourcing, besides improving productivity and efficiency.

Where to get Import – Export Consultancy from?

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