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Adding Challan in TDS Statement | Quick Guide & Tips

Written by gkkedia Dt. June 26th, 2020

After filing TDS regular return we might get TDS intimation related to:

  • Some interest pending amount (u/s 201(1A), 206C(7))
  • Late fee penalty (u/s 234E)
  • Short deduction
  • Interest u/s 220(2)

Or due to many more reasons which can be rectified just by adding challan in the statement. It is free of cost, time saving and an easy and simple way to add challan online.

Steps for addition of TDS challan through Online correction
Challan can be add in the statement by online correction on traces. Following are the steps of addition of challan:

  • Step-1 Login to traces i.e. www.tdscpc.gov.in
  • Step-2 go to “Request for correction” under Defaults menu, here provide required details, then submit the request
  • Step-3 visit “track correction request” under Defaults menu
  • Step-4 Now do KYC validation through DSC or Normal KYC validation under which provide details of regular statement token number of that statement, Challan and Deductee details which generates an ‘authentication code’ – valid for that day only
  • Step-5 Click on proceed with transaction and select “Add challan to statement” according to your requirement under “type of correction” dropdown then you will get list of challans in statement, click on “add challan” then select the challan which you want to add
  • Step-6 Select “submit for processing” to proceed further, and you will get confirmation with a token number. You can check status of online correction request through this token number.

Status of Online correction request
After requesting for online challan correction, Correction statement will be processed within 2-3 days, we can check status of online correction statement by following steps:

  • Step-1 Login to traces i.e. www.tdscpc.gov.in
  • Step-2 go to “track correction request” under defaults menu, here you can get following status for the correction statement:
  • Requested – when the user submitted a request for correction
  • Initiated – request is being processed by TDS CPC
  • Available – when the request for correction is accepted by CPC and now the user can make correction in the statement by clicking on the hyperlink ‘available’ which will directly take the user to the validation screen. And the status of statement will change to “In Progress” from “available”.
  • Failed – the request has failed due to some technical error and now the user can re-submit the request for correction.
  • In progress – user is working on a statement. Clicking on the hyperlink will take user to validation screen
  • Submitted to admin user – sub-user/admin user has submitted correction statement to admin user
  • Submitted to ITD – admin user has submitted correction statement to ITD for processing
  • Processed – statement has been processed by TDS CPC
  • Rejected – statement has been rejected by TDS CPC after processing. Reasons for rejection will be shown in the remarks column.

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