tax. Today, businesses operate globally, so all respective governments must act together to restore the trust in domestic as well as international tax systems for ensuring fair competition. For this, OECD identifies specific actions that are needed for government to address all the hurdles. There are 15 Action Plans which have been implemented in three phases: Why this concept introduced? For the government, the tax base is the income or profit earned by companies. In recent times, MNCs are developing such tax planning’s which help in eroding tax base. Such practices are done by shifting their incomes/profits to other countries (say tax havens). To cope with such practices, Government launched a concept BEPS projected by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). OECD has designed a 15-point action plan for tackling this problem of shifting profits. Introduction to BEPS Action Plans "/> International Taxation – G. K. Kedia
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